Sunday, September 4, 2011

The day of arrival!

So I have been in Italy for two weeks, tomorrow morning. I feel like I have done so much in such a short period of time, and that the time flew by! But it also feels like I haven't been home in ages, so it's kinda a weird combination.

Not the point though! The point is, I'M IN ITALY! It is crazy to think I am half way around the world and experiencing a culture so differently from my own. Rome was a rude awakening to my very American world point of view and I thought I was ready to go home. As my Aunt Anne, my Mom, and I made our way through Italy though, I realized how quickly this place has felt like home. Like visiting my grandparents for a weekend, there is just something comfortable about being here. I miss my real home of course, but Italy is incredible.

Rome wasn't all bad though. The history there is unbelievable and just walking around the ruins is like taking a step back. To me, it is amazing that there is so much history on display everywhere, but to the people of Rome, it is no big deal. They grew up seeing the Colosseum on their walk to work every day. The tourists though, clearly are impressed, and they are EVERYWHERE. Still, I grew to really like Rome, and we had a great welcome to the country.

The people in Napoli reminded me of my Grandpa in a big way and it made me so grateful I grew up with him and my Grandma in my life. All of my grandparents are a blessing in my life, I'm happy I finally get to experience where one of them is from!

Florence is quite possibly the most romantic city I have ever seen, couples everywhere. And not just couples going for walks together, but couples pausing every few steps to smooch. Adorable, romantic, but not exactly my style. :) Still, it might be one of my favorite cities so far. The big cathedral that is the center of the city is perfect to just sit, eat a great dinner, and people watch.

Venice is the place I may have felt most comfortable though. Surrounded by water (obviously) it is gorgeous everywhere you look. The people really live here and if you walk through a back street at night you can hear little dinner parties going on everywhere.

Now, I have had some much needed R&R in a little camping resort-ish place just outside of Venice. A few days to just Be was what I needed after the summer I had so I worked on my tan and patiently waited for Kacie, Casey, Lianna, and the rest of the crew to get here. And tomorrow is the day! Cannot wait to meet my fellow travelers and have the adventure of a lifetime with them :)

ps. BIG thank you to my wonderful, loving parents. Could not be here without them. My family's support is what has gotten me through even first set of doubts to every moment of excitement. Love you :)

pss. big shout out of congrats to BSU for beating IU, once again!

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