Thursday, September 15, 2011

New Address!

Heyyy Everyone!

I have been here, in Macerata for over a week now, I supposed I can give out my address!
I don't need anything, but would love some snail mail, I'm always a fan :)

If you do send a package, it's easier with FedEx or UPS; they get here faster.
Also, please be sure to keep the addresses separate if you do end up using them.

For plain letters, postcards, etc:

Beth Delisio
AHA Macerata Program
P.O. Box 221
62100 Macerata, Italy

For packages, and other big stuff:

Beth Delisio
AHA Macerata Program
Via Crescimbeni, 5
62100 Macerata, Italy

Lovee love,

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